AnimeDwarf Scouting Regiment Attack on Titan Doormat Rug


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Introducing the AnimeDwarf custom made-to-order doormat rug, meticulously handcrafted to meet the finest quality benchmarks. While many standard doormats are comprised of assorted recycled constituents, our masterpiece is woven from 100% superior-quality velvet. Crafted to be resilient and robust while maintaining its softness and adaptability, it’s the ideal choice for both inside and outside settings.

  • Each rug boasts plush velour, coupled with a premium heat dye sublimation technique, ensuring enduring color vibrancy.
  • A subtle pile height of .4 inches offers a refined appearance, making it optimal for placement even beneath furniture.
  • The rug’s base is fortified with top-grade epoxy ensuring a non-slip grip and augmented durability.
  • With its stain-resistant fabric, upkeep is straightforward – a simple wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap will do (steer clear of bleach) and leave it to air dry.
  • Upon arrival, rugs are sealed to safeguard them during transit. Post unsealing, they might need up to 24 hours to completely flatten. A gentle vacuuming can facilitate this process.
  • For maintenance, a handheld vacuum, broom sweep, or a gentle shake outdoors works wonders. For a more thorough clean, a garden hose can be employed outdoors. Always ensure the rug is thoroughly dried before its next use, and avoid bleaching agents.

Only available at AnimeDwarf, meticulously designed by our passionate otaku creatives. Shop directly on for guaranteed genuine and top-quality products.